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Lodging in Mutianyu

Doctor Liu's Guesthouse

This quiet guesthouse is operated by the village’s only medical professional, a former ‘barefoot doctor.’ Since retirement, Dr Liu has run this clean and simple guesthouse in her home at the base of the village for travellers and workers passing through. Don’t come expecting a palace, but you’ll be free of the bugs and grime that plague many village guesthomes. The hosts are a charming and warm local couple. Prices vary on season and whether or not you would like an air conditioned room, but always very reasonable.

#17 Mutianyu Village

Grandma's Place


The weathered exterior of Grandma's Place has been preserved as it once was, but its interior has been transformed into a cozy year round home.

See the massive wooden beams and stones salvaged from the Qing Dynasty official's courtyard that stood in the site. Relax on the kang bed or sit in the lush garden and gaze at the Great Wall above that still guards this once remote village.

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Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel

Owned and recently renovated by the State-owned Great Wall Park, this small hotel offers simple and clean rooms with basic amenities, including Western toilets and showers. Located near the base of the village, the Shanzhuang is a short walk to all village services, and a 25 minute walk to the base of the Great Wall Park. Enjoy the fresh evening air as you gaze at the stars, or join in for some local karaoke.

The Pavillion

The Pavilion is at once the oldest home in a historic village, and the embodiment of modern design, blending ancient and modern into an ultra-premium village getaway. Built in the shadow of the Great Wall only an hour from central Beijing, The Pavilion provides history, culture and comfort with a relaxing fresh air break.

Sit on a secluded private terrace with spectacular Great Wall views, or share an intimate evening around a sunk fireplace in this village hideaway.

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Persimmon Court


An executive home in the extraordinary surroundings at Mutianyu Great Wall, Persimmon Court is ideal for both company seminars and cozy family getaways. Take in the orchard panorama cascading three stories down a hand-hewn rock wall. Enjoy the sunsets over the Great Wall from the rooftop terrace adjoining the private inner courtyard. A riverstone fireplace opens on two sides to a spacious kitchen and living room, making Persimmon Court an ideal venue for entertaining throughout the year. Decorator furnished, this property has all the conveniences and comforts of home, with the  fresh air quiet surroundings of the country.

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Red Door


Originally an ancestral temple for a village family, this house provides a true escape for Beijing city dwellers whose fast-paced life has become a blur. Designed to express a passion for life, living to the fullest and making time for special moments, The Red Door blends these three ideals into a comfortable retreat. After a day's hike, treat yourself to a warm Jacuzzi bath. During the cooler months, the living room kang is especially cozy for watching an evening movie on the flat screen TV by the fireplace. Whether entertaining friends or relaxing with family, we invite you to experience this unique slice of heaven under the Great Wall.

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Schoolhouse Homes

The Schoolhouse Homes helps house owners share their country homes and helps vacationers find retreats in the fresh air and blue skies at Mutianyu Great Wall. There are eleven luxury getaways, each with their own private gardens and spectacular Great Wall views. All of The Homes are custom-designed and have modern amenities, yet retain each property’s original identity: The Schoolhouse Homes are local houses leased from villagers. Existing footprints are preserved salvageable materials reused. The result is a unique experience which allows guests to be immersed in a living village community.

Lodging in Beigou

Brickyard Inn & Retreat Center


The Brickyard is a lush and private eco-retreat that incorporates the kilns and other buildings of a traditional glazed tile factory in a design which is "green" from the ground up. The 16 queen rooms all have private terraces and story-and-a-half window walls with spectacular views of the Great Wall. The property also includes a lodge with cafe and a fully-equipped conference center.

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Big Rock House


To get to Big Rock House you wind up the hill in the middle of Yingbeigou village, stone walls and sturdy brick dwellings on one side, the creek and forested ridge on the other, sudden glimpses of sky and the Great Wall. Open the gate, turn right and go up a ramp until suddenly the Great Wall looms and the mountain home with its wild garden is revealed. Forsythia, irises, day lilies, honeysuckle, roses, annuals, chestnuts, pines, a persimmon and a willow. The heart is a massive in situ boulder, the gourmet kitchen occupies the old open-beamed farmhouse, and the master suite is built into the mountainside on three levels including a crow’s nest study.

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Mumanyu was created by a family who wanted a very private retreat at the Great Wall, a place for their farflung clan to gather that would be close to nature and also engaged with the village community.

From the huge slab of native slate guarding the entry to the skylit interiors, Mumanyu offers an exclusive getaway that seems to float in the treetops.

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Stone Forest


What was once an abandoned three-room hut with grass growing from broken roof tiles has been transformed into a rustic retreat. 

Stone Forest features stained-glass panels and a romantic outdoor shower in a private courtyard sheltered by a honeysuckle tree. Exposed stone and brick walls, a huge fireplace, a heated kang. The raised outdoor terrace displays 360 degree views of the Great Wall and row after row of mountains in the distance.

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Lodging in TianXianYu 

Heart's Desire


Heart’s Desire is a tranquil courtyard sheltered by a huge walnut tree and hidden behind a massive gate. All around are mountains and the Great Wall. Gather in the great room on the built-in heated kang big enough for everyone. Get warm from the dramatic fireplace. Enjoy cooking in an open kitchen with a view or sit in a garden of day lilies and forsythia while listening to a gently flowing waterfall. Created by a busy man to be a place that gives comfort just because he knows that it exists, Heart’s Desire is breathtakingly close to the Wild Wall with every modern comfort. Now you too can share in this dream and Heart’s Desire can be your home at the Great Wall.

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