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Open Hours 

The Mutianyu Great Wall Park is open 365 Days a year. From April to October the Wall is open to guests from 07:00 – 18:00. From November to March the Wall is open to the public from 07:30 to 17:30. Both cable cars operate from 08:00 until close, though they are not particularly strict on time, and may close ten to 15 minutes early.

There are options to get up to the Wall. There is a cable car which brings guests up to Tower 14. There is also a cableway way – akin to a ski-lift – which brings guests up to Tower 6. In the same location, there is the famous winding toboggan slide heading back down to Mutianyu Village. Below are costs; for more information please contact us at info@mutianyugreatwall.net.


Ticket Prices (in RMB)

   Adult  Children/Students
 Great Wall Entry Tickets  40  20
 Cable Car One Way  45  25
 Cable Car Two Way  65  35
 Cableway-Toboggan  55  30
 Toboggan Return  40  40


Mutianyu Great Wall is located in Bohai Township, Huairou District, Beijing Province. Just over an hour from downtown Beijing, the villages of Mutianyu, Beigou, Tianxianyu and Xinying are all small countryside hamlets of about 350 inhabitants, nestled in the mountains north of Beijing and at the foot of the Great Wall. The closest city is Huairou, a 20 minute drive from Mutianyu.

Click here to visit the official Huairou municipal website


Weather Tips

The weather at Mutianyu is characterized by a long and hot summer, a long and cold winter, and a short and temperate spring and autumn. Guests should dress and pack accordingly. Temperatures can reach 40 Celsius in the summer and often dip below zero in the winter, with harsh winds blowing across the region. The Spring is pleasant yet can be interrupted by unpredictable rainstorms. Autumn is the most plentiful harvest time and the season where content villagers collect their bounties of chestnuts and vegetables and fruits.

Regardless of the season, the Great Wall at Mutianyu offers an unforgettable experience and is characterized by fresh air and blue skies. Each season has its own feel. Just decide on the “when” – the rest will take care of itself!

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Tips for Hiring a car

- Enjoying the suburbs in Beijing is best done by private vehicle. With the luxury of working by your own schedule, you can climb the Great Wall, visit the local shops, and stop where you like on your way to and from the Great Wall

- A typical car from Beijing for the day hires for 600 RMB for a car seating four. You can hire either directly through a car company, or by asking around with local drivers and taxis. Hotels will arrange a driver for you, but there will be a hefty service charge attached.