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Mutianyu Books

The following books help visitors and armchair travellers alike discover, appreciate, and explore the Great Wall at Mutianyu, the communities and people in our township, and the beauty and bounty of nature around us. All three books can be purchased at The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu.

Explore on your own or follow a trail guide. Hike the Wild Wall or take an easy stroll through villages and orchards.

Walking Guide to Mutianyu contains 8 trails, all hiked by Schoolhouse intern and book author Eloise Walter. This guide of walking tours will bring visitors closer to the intimate confines of Mutianyu village and the rural society surrounding this section of the Great Wall. Catch a glimpse of village life as it changes and adapts to its role as a tourist destination, and learn the timeless language of Mutianyu’s personal and natural surroundings.

Our township of Bohai is filled with country roads and agricultural trails that lead to hidden delights the car-bound tourist will never see.

In Bohai township the morning mist wraps the green mountains in mystery. Yet, though Bohai is not your ordinary tourist destination, it is open for the intrepid traveler to discover. Biking Bohai uncovers Bohai Township’s 12 best routes, from family friendly cycles through villages to a challenging one-way ride linking Mutianyu and the Ming Tombs. Learn the secrets behind what you see as discovered by author and Schoolhouse intern Audrey Gueho, who lived in Mutianyu in 2009.

Mutianyu is a spectacular and yet accessible stretch of the Great Wall constructed during the Ming Dynasty.

Mutianyu: Off the (Great) Wall is an excellent source to learn more about this section of the Wall and the small village at its foot. This book brings you a small piece of China through the fresh eyes of political scientist Erin Williams, who spent five weeks living among the villagers. Hear the courageous and heart warming first hand stories of locals who survived and thrived through the tumultuous changes in China over the past 50 years.